Why Etesian SPARK?

Make Your Money Go Further

When every penny counts, we can help make the most of your money. With a $5,000 minimum and only 0.35% fees annually, Etesian SPARK is a great option for those looking to start their journey down the path down a brighter financial future.

Etesian SPARK Family

Simplify Your Day

Life gets complicated. Etesian SPARK helps simplify your everyday financial world. With 24/7 access to your accounts in one place and professional advice to help you along the way, you can get busy doing more of what you want to be doing.

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Invest Smarter

Our professionally managed portfolios are designed to provide quality ETF’s handpicked by Etesian SPARK investment professionals. Accounts are automatically rebalanced which helps keeps your portfolio both diverse and profitable.

Financial Planning

Complimentary Access to a Personalized Financial Planning Website

An added benefit of becoming a Spark client is access to the E-money financial management website and planning tools.

Money Growing

“Saving is a sacrifice that most of us are unwilling or unable to make, so have a process. Successful investors verbalize that 80% of the overall benefits of investing can be acheived by using a process that focuses on passive investments with low costs.”

– Peter Lynch, Fidelity Investments


Because we know you are just getting started, we made our entry point easy, to allow access for anyone. With a low $5,000 minimum investment, you can get started right away on the road to wealth accumulation. The benefits are significant for individuals in “pre-retirement” and those with smaller portfolios. With one of the lowest minimums in the industry, we endeavor to make Etesian SPARK a perfect starting place for even the most novice of investors.

SPARK is a service that never charges trading fee or commissions. The annual flat fee of o.35% is automatically deducted from your account, on a quarterly basis. For a $5,000 account, this equates to only $17.50 per year. In addition, when considering the cost of investing, one must calculate the “all in” fees that include not only the advisor fees but also the hidden expenses that mutual funds and ETF’s charge, known as “operating expenses”. Because we favor ETFs with lower expense ratios and because our advisor fees are some of the lowest in the industry, your costs are kept as low as possible, on an ongoing basis.

Who is SPARK designed for?

  • Investors with funds over $5,000 that are looking for a low-cost, passively managed, diversified portfolio of ETFs with automated re-balancing of their investments.
  • Investors looking for a service that never charges trading fees or commissions.There are annual management fees of 0.35% that are automatically deducted from your account on a quarterly basis.
  • Investors who are accumulating savings who would like the convenience of an automated financial consultant.
  • Investors that want the benefit of a relationship with a local wealth management firm who will swiftly handle all of your service needs.

“Being confident in an investment process will free you to pursue personal interests which are far more profitable and enjoyable than reading corporate filings all day and watching the markets like a stressed out cat with one eye on the mouse and the other on the dog.”

– Tony Robbins, American author, entrepreneurphilanthropist and life coach.


You are busy, we get that. With that in mind, SPARK was designed as a user friendly and highly automated investment advisory service that allows you the ease of opening your account online and accessing your information anytime, 24/7. It is also accessible from any device. Plus, you will have unlimited access to our team of professionals in the event you need us. We are only a phone call or email away.

SPARK is powered by cutting edge technology that uses an advanced algorithm and a state of the art asset allocation model to customize your portfolio according to the goals, risk profile and timeline information you provide upon opening the account. It then monitors your portfolio daily and rebalances as needed. If your goals change over time, the asset allocation can be adjusted accordingly. This way it keeps you on track and not spending your valuable time making complicated decisions about your investments. You also avoid the common pitfalls that often come with “do it yourself” investing.

Easy to navigate interface that allows you to view all of your accounts at once.

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“You don’t need to be smarter than the rest, you have to be more disciplined. You don’t need to beat the stock markets to be successful- growth is built in! You just have to pick a “battle tested” plan and stick with it.”

– Benjamin Graham, investor, economist, and professor, widely known as the father of value investing.


Etesian SPARK follows a proven process that is endorsed by some of the world’s most successful investors. This approach to investing, often referred to as “passive investment management” offers simplicity to diversified portfolios that only change with the index and targets “benchmark” performance. What this means is that there is a standard point of reference in which to compare performance of the holdings in the portfolio. For example, most US equity investors use the S&P 500 as the benchmark for their portfolio returns. It is also known as “index investing”.

However, just because someone uses a passive approach to investing, it does not mean that they are blind to markets. What it does mean is that, by utilizing a proven process that focuses on passive investments with low costs, greater returns should be enjoyed over time. It is a process you can be confident in.
By committing to saving, forming a simple set of rules and following a process, accumulating money and saving for your goals is attainable and will make you happier and wealthier in the long run.

With a diverse selection of low cost exchange traded funds that are handpicked by our investment professionals, SPARK offers a robust suite of investments, both in the US and globally that provide broad exposure to multiple asset classes and sectors. Warren Buffet, who may be one of the most famous and successful active investors of all time, is simply being refreshingly honest when he says, “don’t buy single stocks, buy the entire market.”

One way SPARK helps you keep more of your money is that, in taxable accounts over $50,000, it utilizes strategies to ensure that if an investment declines in value, an automatic tax-loss harvesting tool helps offset the investment gains that you would otherwise be paying taxes on. This process could be very time consuming and costly in fees for a financial advisor to do on your behalf or for an individual investor to attempt on their own.

Considered to be a risk-minimizing strategy, rebalancing a portfolio is an important tool to assure that asset classes stay true to their target allocations. It is simply a method of selling assets that have appreciated beyond the bands of the target allocation and adding to those assets that may have dropped in value. It is another example of a benefit that SPARK provides that smaller investors would otherwise have limited ability to execute on.

Financial Planning

“Freedom and wealth are outcomes of “Time” which is the most precious asset that we will ever possess. The return that we realize on the asset of “Time” will be determined by the energy that we put forth in developing a plan for our money, our education, our relationships, and our health.”

– Bill Gates


E-money makes it easy to manage both your finances as well as your well being with mobile, 24/7  access to your complete financial picture in the palm of your hand. This makes it simple to track your progress towards goals, see your updated investments, access important documents, and see all of your accounts on one page. E-money is an all in one tool to help you take control of your financial world.