Money Growth

Lower Fees & Minimums

Etesian SPARK lets you get started investing with as little as $5000. Our fee is only 0.35% annually. For a $5,000 account, this totals $17.50/year. Together, let us help you make your money go further.

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Power in Convenience

With Etesian SPARK’s hybrid approach to investing, you have the best of both worlds. An easy to use digital platform with access available 24/7 from any device, paired with professional customer support when needed. Manage your money simply and on your own schedule. 


Invest Smarter

Etesian SPARK works alongside one of the largest asset custodians in the world. We offer a wide range of account options to fit your specific needs and help you find out which best suits you. Portfolio’s are hand picked by the Etesian SPARK investment professionals and auto-rebalanced to keep you diversified & on track. 

Financial Planning

Complimentary Access to a Personalized Financial Planning Website

An added benefit of becoming a Spark client is access to the E-money financial management website and planning tools.

Welcome to Etesian SPARK

At the core, Etesian SPARK uses cutting edge technology that chooses and monitors your investments. It is a simple and effective investment strategy designed for individuals with smaller accounts. The strategy aims to maximize returns by providing consistency and avoiding the mistakes that often come with do it yourself investing.

What you get with Etesian SPARK is not only simplicity and ease in investing your hard-earned dollars, but also the peace of mind that comes with knowing that we are here for you and that we have your back.


The philosophy behind Etesian SPARK.

Everyone needs to get started investing and we are here to help you.  Simple, automated and cost effective investing is the philosophy behind the Etesian SPARK portfolio.

Because investors don’t always need our entire selection of comprehensive wealth management services at Etesian Wealth Advisors, we implemented Etesian SPARK, our automated investing platform.

Etesian SPARK brings our value of distinguished client service to individuals who are just beginning their journey of wealth accumulation.


Meet the Etesian SPARK Team

Etesian Spark Advisors

Back row: Barb Lochrie, Stan Lochrie, AIFA
Front row: Jesse Steele, Paloma Sweeney, Alex Gruber, Benjamin Wright


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